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What is Ylang Ylang?

The Cananga Odonata Tree (commonly known as the Canaga Tree) is a tropical tree native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The Canaga Tree produces gorgeous yellow-green flowers know as Ylang Ylang flowers (pronounced as Ee-lang Ee-lang). Ylang Ylang flowers are known for their distinctive fragrance and are commonly used in the perfume industry. Chanel No. 5 is the most well-known perfume that uses Ylang Ylang as part of their scent profile. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is extracted by steam distilling the entire flower. The oil is useful for dealing with problems such as acne, hairfall, stress, etc.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil has many therapeutic benefits, ranging from its use as a sedative and antidepressant to that of an antiseptic. It is also used as an aphrodisiac. In Indonesia, it is a tradition to cover the beds of newlyweds with Ylang Ylang flowers. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is an excellent ingredient for hair care. Its use dates back to the Victorian age when, in England, it was used as a natural hair growth treatment.


Benefits of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil For Hair

Treats Hair Loss

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is an effective natural treatment to reduce hair fall caused by stress and alopecia. Its usage dates back to the Victorian Era when the Victorians added Ylang Ylang to their Macassar hair oil. When it is massaged into the hair follicles, it stimulates hair growth. It is a natural way to treat thinning hair.

Natural Conditioner

When insufficient sebum is produced, the scalp becomes dry and hair becomes thin and brittle. So, for people with dry hair, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil can be used as a natural conditioning agent. It stimulates the sebaceous glands and increases the production of sebum, which keeps the hair healthy and conditioned. The regular use of Ylang Ylang oil is also said to prevent split ends and damage. 

Reduces Stress

As you may know, stress is a major contributor to hair loss. Most of us live increasingly stressful lives, be it because of work, family, &/or relationships. Among the various benefits of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, one is its use is as a sedative. It is used in aromatherapy to relieve stress and relax an individual. The oil’s calming fragrance has a euphoric effect on the nervous system, and reduces anxiety, tension, fear, etc., thus reducing hair fall due to stress.

Repels Head Lice

Dealing with head lice can be a real struggle, and one of the best ways to repel them is by using coconut oil. The oil penetrates the shaft of the hair and its follicles, repelling lice and preventing the eggs from attaching themselves to the hair. When coconut oil is combined with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil and apple cider vinegar, battling lice becomes a much easier task. Ylang Ylang EO is included in many recipes for the treatment of lice.


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