Enjoy the benefits of these products at a low package deal price!

This package deal includes the following:

(1) Triple Moisture Leave-in Conditioner for Hair Growth.

(1) Botanical Curly Custard.

(1) Styling Gel with Argan Oil.

(1) Frizz-Free Foaming Mousse.

(1) Moisturizing Whipped Hair Smoothie Cream for Hair Growth.

(1) 2oz Hair Growth Serum bottle.

Due to the number of items listed, Full Descriptions/ Directions/ Tips: for each individual item can be found under each individual item on our website. Please visit our “product tab” to learn more.

Binta Beauty Organics offers top-of-the-line Quality unfiltered products that are 100% organic and are extremely effective in stimulating hair follicles for very fast hair growth. Our hair product formulas were created to improve the Health, Growth, and Fullness of all hair textures while also providing the necessary nutrients and vitamins needed to retrieve the hair's original texture and stimulate hair follicles for long-term healthy hair growth.  Binta Beauty Organics uses USDA organic and FDA-approved ingredients from its original source. NOTHING FILTERED! We provide you with an extremely effective system for healthy hair, long hair, and amazing skin. Binta Beauty Organics does not use any harmful or harsh ingredients such as toxic dyes, parabens, triclosan, sulfates, GMOs, harsh fragrances, or any ingredients that strip away from the hair and limit hair growth. Take the time to always read the ingredient list on every product you have ever used to feed your hair! Choose the options that care about the health of your hair and provide you with ingredients that will leave you at ease knowing that you are changing the life of your hair for the better and feeding it what it needs to grow.

100% Organic Unfiltered Products made for your hair!