Why Binta?

Binta Beauty Organics
 stands by the belief that our customers deserve the finest and most effective methods to create the ideal formulas for hair growth and skincare. Our serums are created to serve both women and men.

Our mission is to provide fulfilling products that leave ours customers satisfied with their results. We only use the top-of-line ingredients that are from a natural organic source. Binta beauty does not use any harmful or harsh ingredients nor does any testing on animals.

Let’s face it, you are probably tired of the “so-called” natural products advertised by well-known figures only to find out that they did not meet your expectation.

A lot of beauty manufactures use cheap ingredients in order to maximize their profit. If you really want the best for your hair and skin, then you must know what to avoid and what to use.

Many manufactures use toxic Ingredients such as toxic dyes, parabens, triclosan, and harmful fragrances in their hair and skin care products, then claim to be all-natural. These chemicals contribute to damages in the original hair texture, causes fade in the color of the hair and skin, contributes to damages to hair follicles that are responsible for hair growth, creates massive breakage, thinning, and sometimes even balding in the hair. All of this creates a harsh and brittle environment for the hair/skin. Although these ingredients may be cost-effective and easy to source, research shows they can lead to the various side effects listed above.

Binta Beauty Organics was created for the satisfaction of its customers. Our hair products formulas improve the growth for all hair textures while also providing the necessary nutrients to retrieve the hair's original texture and stimulate hair follicles for long-term healthy hair growth. Shortly after skincare regimens were developed using only natural organic ingredients that deliver significant results.

Binta Beauty individually picks out each ingredient and creates each product by hand. There is no factory or harsh ingredients involved with our work. We care about the customer receiving only the best which is why Binta Beauty’s ingredients are from the top organic sources to make sure we serve our customers with quality ingredients and care.

Our hair growth serums Can be used directly underneath the weave, wigs, and hair extensions.

Binta Beauty Organics works with hair and skincare professionals from around the world to include the latest proven methods and ingredients in its own formulas. Binta Beauty works with and receives input from botanists, scientists, doctors, medical professionals, and other experienced hair and skincare professionals. These targeted treatments are naturally derived ingredients that are effective and efficient at growing your hair on any desired part of the body and improving your skin! Our product truly works wonders efficiently and at a very fast pace


An African mother of four initially created these formulas for her three daughters and one son. The mother used the natural ingredients she found from nearby farms in her village in Africa and began to grow most of the ingredients herself. The formulas she created worked so well on her children’s hair and skin that the entire village began to come to her to get this miracle hair growth formula. The mother taught her daughters how to grow and create natural formulas. The mother’s eldest daughter later moved to America and turned her mother’s formulas into a company that now has people all around the world enjoying all of the benefits of these formulas. It is now known as Binta Beauty Organics.