Anti Breakage Detangling Brush | Comb

  • This moving comb arms detangler brush is a revolution of curls detangling game.

    So...what's the magic of it ?


    Diminish breakage.... its a new age and time for a more advanced way of how we detangle 

    • 3 times faster than normal detangler brush during your detangling processing;
    • Flexible moving comb arms made detangle with less pull, less pain, less damage;
    • The sturdy and grip handle provides you the best experience when defining your curls;
    • No matter wet or dry, thin or thick 3/4abc curly, coily, you will get the benefits of this detangler brush. This comb is safe for breakage than the typical comb even on 1a hair/ all hair types 


    Original Detangling Brush: a revolutionary easy detangling brush for black natural hair, faster n easier detangle wet or dry curly kinky coily wavy 3/4abc texture.
  • Unique Design: 8 flexible free comb arms with a control bar. That's the key to make the detangler brush 70% less detangling time while 80% less damage.
  • Usage/ Directions: Preferred use on wet or damp hair but can be used on dry hair. Go in vertically to release the tangles and then smooth and define the hair horizontally. Comb arms firmer if works with the control bar.

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