Ingrown Hair Be Gone Therapy (3 Pack)

  •  Our Ingrown hair therapy solution reduces razor bumps, soothes irritated skin, cooling down inflammation, and prevents future occurrence of razor bumps.Its active formula helps to reverse the effects of Razor bumps, restoring a smooth and fair skin that is free from irritation.

    Ingrown hair therapy solution can be safely used on the face, nape of the neck, underarms, bikini area, legs, chest or back.


Why It Works

  • Willow Bark (salicylic acid): an anti-inflammatory ingredient to help calm the hair follicle. It kills the bacteria that causes bumps, acne, and irritations.
  • Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract: regenerates and heals skin.
  • Papaya Extract: a natural source of vitamins A & C, it helps weaken hair follicles, inhibiting future growth.
  • Rose Hip Extract: helps soothe skin.


Why It's Great!

         It's a gel: Flawless is a quick pump to the finger tips and off you go. No mess, no fuss.

  • It smells great: no alcohol smell here. Smells
  • No sting: It doesn't need to sting to work! 
  • Perfect for men's face and neck, bikini area, underarm, brow, lip, chest, and any other area where blemishes from shaving, waxing,or laser occur.

EXFOLIATES & CLEANSES with willow bark extract papaya extract

RESTORES & SMOOTHES with yeast extract, rose hip extract

CALMS & SOOTHES with organic aloe, organic cucumber extract

  • Made in USA,  our Ingrown Hair Solution: Applying a thin coat of this Solution post shaving and waxing reduces the appearance of ingrown hair, razor bump also known as pfb
  • Post Shaving or Waxing, Women and Men: Use this solution as an aftershave or wax to reduce bumps on legs, underarms, bikini lines, chin, neck or face.
  • Hair Removal: Shave routine with razor blades or at home waxing kit or electrolysis and laser are all “surgical” procedures; tissue is torn or burned during any of this treatment. Apply thin coat of our solution after hair removal to reduce redness and bumps.
  • Cruelty Free: No Animal Testing, supports a non-profit named Angels in Distress.

Ingredients: Willow bark extract, Papaya extract, Yeast extract, Rose hip extract, Organic aloe, Organic cucumber extract, Vitamin E, Carrier oil Avocado.

Directions: Apply a few drops of the on any hair you want to soften and any skin you want to smooth and soothe.  Residue-free and the relaxing scent dissipates within minutes. The oil is quick-drying, so it won’t stain your silk.

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