What A Man Needs Pack (Mens Collection)


SHAMPOO for beard and hair growth with Biotin, ProVitamin B5 and

Amino Acids for Repair Treatment and Deep Moisturizing for All Hair Types - Detangle, Protect and Support New Hair Growth - 8.5 Ounces

Regenerate Volumizing Shampoo is enriched with natural ingredients like green tea leaf extract, and rosemary leaf extract that help to hydrate your scalp and minimize the effects of dandruff. Cucumber fruit extract and aloe barbadensis leaf juice are rich with vitamins and minerals that help your hair grow healthy and stronger. Matricaria flower extract helps to strengthen the roots of your hair. Together, these powerful, safe and effective natural ingredients help fight dandruff, dry hair, strengthen your hair roots, nourish your scalp and promote healthier fuller, thicker hair growth. Our naturally derived cleansers and the sulfate-free formula help lift away impurities without overstripping, leaving hair shiny, healthy looking, and full of life. Our vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, unisex shampoo is free of alcohol, parabens, and sulfates. Treat your hair with a natural touch, because you deserve it.



  •   the ultimate shampoo for thinning hair. A volumizing shampoo formulated to stand out in any hair growth products lineup. An essential hair shampoo for any hair thickener regiment. Specially formulated for healthy hair regrowth for men and women. A potential upgrade to your current hair loss shampoo.
  •   Hair Thickening Shampoo for Thinning Hair - An elite biotin shampoo for hair growth for men and women. biotin for hair growth shampoo and conditioner power duo is the perfect combo to help revitalize and protect your hair. It helps repair damage and helps promote stronger, fuller and richer hair.
  •   Powerful and Safe Botanical Formula - Infused with 7 botanical extracts, this hair thinning shampoo deeply nourishes your hair from the roots to the tips. Our mens thickening shampoo and conditioner for fine hair contains NO sulfates, parabens, alcohol and is for all hair types – coarse, curly, dry, fine, normal, oily, straight, textured, colored or frizzy hair.
  •   Deep Cleanse Your Hair - with a premium daily clarifying shampoo. It neutralizes the effects of hard water and styling products, that can make your hair look dull. It helps restore a healthy balance in your hair and strengthens weakened roots and strands. If you are looking for a premium clarifying and healthy hair growth shampoo, look no further.

Naturals Biotin Hair Volumizing

Thickening Conditioner, Thinning and Fine

Hair, Regrowth Thickening Product -Sulfate Free and Vegan Friendly,

Our Conditioner deeply nourishes your hair, strengthens each strand of hair to leave it feeling noticeably thicker and stronger. It promotes healthy hair growth and adds the shiny and soft texture to your hair.


Our Conditioner is packed with all the natural ingredients your hair needs for maximum safety and health. It’s advanced formula strengthens, nourishes and adds luster to your hair.

This energizing conditioner utilizes botanicals extracts to strengthen, volumize thinning hair and protect your hair from UV rays and air pollution. Biotin helps fight hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth. Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf, Yarrow, Lemon Balm, Dog Rose, Comfrey extracts help soothe your scalp to support healthy hair growth. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Hydrolyzed Silk, and multivitamin pack add luster to your hair. This Unisex Conditioner is Vegan-friendly, Cruelty-free, Alcohol, Paraben & Sulfate FREE.

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